Grove House Design

About Me.

About Grove House Design.

My passion is helping others create a space/home that reflects who they are, what makes them happy, what gives them a feeling of warmth and comfort. Interior design is about the individual; who they are as a person or family. It’s deeply personal and creates positive emotions that are shared with others.


About Rachella.

Grove House Design is owned and operated by Rachella Massey. Originally from California, she moved to East Texas 16 years ago and has fallen in love with the area and the people.  Rachella is a wife and mom of 4 girls who has had a passion for interior decorating for many years. She is often working on projects for her own home as well as for friends and family.

After making connections in the real estate industry and seeing a need for virtual staging here in East Texas, Rachella started Grove House Design. Named after her first home where her love of redesigning started, and a nod to her California roots, Rachella is excited to offer her expertise and natural eye for decorating to help others.

Need Digital Staging?.

Interested in having your home digitally staged?  Are you a Realtor looking for home staging services?  Contact us for more information, pricing, and availability.